After some 30 years spent behind a desk, I have relished the opportunity to step out into nature and seek to capture the landscape in all its glory. No longer do I look longingly out of the window at stunning light, wishing I could be there; I am now outside with my easel and materials and loving every moment of it.

Having spent the majority of my childhood and early office years using soft pastels whenever possible, my first love remains with this most immediate of media. I often painted animals when I was young, using picture books for reference, and I still enjoy seeking to capture the personality of a much loved pet every now and then, albeit now painted from life. My favourite landscape is the rolling hills and moors of the Yorkshire Dales on the doorstep of Harrogate, where I now live, but I also love to spend time along the nearby magnificent coasts of Yorkshire and Northumberland.

I am now moving towards a more mixed media, and I think more expressive, approach, using acrylic inks, paints and sprays as well as watercolours, before usually finishing with my favourite pastels, at the same time experimenting with different brushes and knives and on a variety of supports.

My progress has been greatly enhanced by two local artists who have become good friends, David Allen RSMA, who is a frequent painting partner, and Robert Dutton, whose art courses and workshops are always both informative and inspiring.

I am thoroughly enjoying my own personal artistic journey, seeking to capture amazing moments in time, and I do hope you are able to join me along the way.